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One winter in a kingdom far away, a practical and peculiar young prince is sent out by his older brother, the Crown Prince, into the cold forests in search of the impossible: a magical Snow Flower that only blooms in the garden of the mythical Snow King’s castle when the first snow falls. In the forests, he meets a mysterious young girl who shepherds the snow at the beginning of the winter season, known as the Snow Shepherd. The Snow Shepherd offers to assist the young prince on his strange quest and together, the pair embark on an dark adventure where they soon discover that nothing is ever what it seems.

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5 stars
Good Stuff, it’s been a while since i read something nice
John C.
5 stars
Honest and straightforward, but most importantly, it has a heart. The Snow Shepherd wisps us away to a time when our dreams were filled with fairy tales and undiscovered wonders. It’s a real classic-in-the-making.
Ellis Hedervary
5 stars
This book is worth reading just to sate your curiosity. The author masterfully weaves a tale of unrequited love into the fairy tale genre…
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